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Georgian International Academy of Sciences (GIAS) is a directory of international academic/research conferences from around the world. Conferences listed on the site should:
* provide details about the event using the English language
* provide a link to a page that displays that information in the English language as well
* not use the website of the organizing or hosting institution/organization as the website URL for the conference. They should rather use a URL that points to specific information about the conference.
* the link provided should be the actual link of the conference page (please do not include redirects to other locations)

*Conferences first pass through a basic check which includes the website provided, the language of the conference and a broad check of the type of the event that was submitted. This procedure usually requires a day to complete so events submitted are usually added to the Index within a day from submission.

*If you notice any incorrect information presented for any of the conferences listed on our pages please do let us know by sending us an email. Even though we do review the details of the conference entries listed on our directory it is always possible that the details presented are not consistent or correct. Your help is deeply appreciated.

All of indexed conferences must be use of GIAS Logo or name in conference page, if not they will be reject from GIAS list and will not index in GIAS.


Welcome to Georgian International Academy of Sciences

Georgian International Academy of Sciences (GIAS) was founded by renowned scientists. A group of 50 scientist from various countries in different disciplines are started GIAS with specific objective of providing quality information to the researcher. GIAS offering academic database services to researcher. Its mainly: citation indexing, analysis, and maintains citation databases covering thousands of academic journals, books, proceedings and any approved documents GIAS maintains academic database services to researchers, journal editors and publishers. GIAS focuses on : citation indexing, citation analysis, and maintains citation databases covering thousands of academic journals. GIAS Provides Quantitative And Qualitative Tool For Ranking, Evaluating And Categorizing The Journals For Academic Evaluation And Excellence. This Factor Is Used For Evaluating The Prestige Of Journals. The Evaluation Is Carried Out By Considering The Factors Like Paper Originality, Citation , Editorial Quality, Regularity & International Presence. We Perform The In-Depth Analysis Method. The Acceptance And Rejection Rates Of Journals Can Be A Determining Factor. Low Acceptance Rate, High Rejection Rate Journals Are Considered The Best And Most Prestigious Journals As The Acceptance Criteria Is Of High Quality Standard. Many Journals And Societies Have Web Pages That Give Publication Data And Style Requirements And Often Includes Acceptance/Rejection Rates. The Paper Copy Of The Journal Occasionally Includes This Data And Will Always Provide Current Contact Information. Whether A Journal Is Indexed In The Major Indexing/Abstracting Service In The Field Is Another Criteria That Can Be Used To Assess The Worth And Quality Of A Journal.

All of indexed journals must be use of GIAS Logo or name in journal indexing page, if not they will be reject from GIAS list and will not index in GIAS.

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